Automatic Coffee Machine For Offices and Restaurants (with bean plan)

You can now get a quick easy tasty cup of espresso, latte, cappuccino, Americano coffee with push-button convenience!

Are you tired of unreliable expensive coffee pod machines, poor-tasting coffee, over sugary 3-in-1 instant mixes. Expensive coffee pods make very few cups of coffee made. Machines breaking down

Do you feel like you’re are wasting money month after month and missing out on better affordable coffee and consuming too much preservatives and sugar for your home or office?

It's just not right to be charging more money for a poor coffee experience or drinking bad coffee that damages your health in the long run.

We know how getting a good healthful cup of coffee is so difficult with unreliable machines and overpriced coffee. 


Introducing ROOMA-A10 Super Automatic Coffee Machine in Singapore

The ROOMA-A10 has been in use in Europe since 2016 with remarkable results and reliability. It's one of those machines built with the best aspects of the current top of the crop superautomatics with sensible and affordable options for practical everyday use.

The Benefits:

  • Makes Espresso, Cappuccinos, Lattes, Americano, Flat White and more quickly with a button press
  • Makes foamy cappuccinos and microfoam lattes easily
  • Takes whole bean and makes delicious fragrant coffee with built-in grinder
  • Self-maintaining on startup-shutdown
  • Easy to clean and maintain internal brew unit
  • Self-cleaning milk steaming tube
  • High Capacity Drawer and Drip Tray And Extendable Bean hopperRooma A10 Coffee Machine Singapore


  • Device Type: Automatic Coffee Machine
  • Screen: TFT LCD screen
  • Voltage: 100~120/220~240V
  • Power: 1300W~1500W
  • Size: 44x27x35cm
  • Net weight: 11.2kg
  • Coffee flow: 20~250ml
  • Temperature range: 75℃~95℃
  • Coffee powder: 7g~12g
  • Pump pressure: 19BAR (Max)
  • Water tank capacity: 1.7L or Direct water input (Barrel or Tap)
  • Bean tank capacity: 250g (500g with bean extension)
  • Singapore Consumer Protection (Safety requirement) Registration certificate no.: 201223-12


Pricing and Packages

You can purchase the machine at $2800

You can also rent the machine at $150 per month that comes with a supply of beans for your coffee drinking!

Please contact us for specific pricing because we want to design a plan that works best for your business type! 

Servicing and Warranty

We will help service or in rare cases swap your machine if your machine needs to be checked.  With our package, you get a very affordable coffee bean supply sent to your office or location, regularly so you don't need to worry about machine break downs and poor tasting coffee.

Contact us and tell us how many cups they need a month. Tell us what kind of coffee flavour you prefer.

Coffee beans will be delivered promptly. We will respond quickly to all your issues, fix malfunctioning machines on the spot, and swap your machines that need more repair time. 

Call us at +65 6741 8168

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Make The Step To Fresh Smelling Delicious Cups of Coffee


You will have delicious cups of coffee at a push of a button in all sorts of milk varieties and is healthy for all at home and office. Don’t pay more for overpriced coffee and unhealthy 3-in-1 quick mixes that don't taste good and harms their blood sugar.

You can say goodbye to machine breakdowns, bland or over sugary coffee, or overpriced coffee pods. Relax like you would at your favourite cafe without stepping out of your home or office and enjoy hassle-free great coffee day after day.



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