Using the freshest beans and expert roasting techniques to bring you the ultimate coffee experience.

Geisen Roaster at Splendour Coffee Francis Koh Coffee Roasting Expert

Established since 2005, Splendour International Coffee continues to supply freshly roasted arabica coffee beans from different coffee farming regions for consistently-memorable tasting coffee through our ever-expanding list of house blends.

With a passion for coffee, our founder Francis Koh along with his professional team strive to bring delicately balanced flavours and punchy-bodied coffees for the office and also satisfy the taste buds of discerning home baristas. 

Splendour Coffee is a top-pick for customers from Corporates, chain cafe owners and individuals who crave for high quality coffee beans and delicious expresso drinks. Coupled with the providing roasting services for chain cafes using our in-house Geisen roasting machines and computerized roasting profiling. 

We also provide consultancy services to aspiring cafe owners on setting up their cafe and the provision of very competitive coffee bean pricing that delivers value above and beyond expectations.

When it comes to technical support, we have experienced and qualified technical staff to deal with machine troubleshooting and maintenance. 

Maybe it's time for better tasting coffee for your office?

Many of our clients share tales of how they start their day with coffee and since they used our freshly roasted blends, they can't go back to capsules or 3-in-1s. They say they have higher energy levels and overall, their mornings are happier.

Freshly roasted coffee is healthier and contains zero preservatives. In fact, most of our customers who know how to extract espresso for their coffee drinks don't even use sugar because of the natural sweetness that comes the delicious coffee oils.

Look no further, contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible for a cost estimate.