Freshly Roasted Beans For Your Home and Top Commercial Coffee Roaster in Singapore


Freshly Roasted Beans For Your Home and Top Commercial Coffee Roaster in Singapore

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Love The Premium Blend

Great and smooth w unbelievable aroma. Especially the premium blend . Cant start my day without it.

Lee M.L.

Really Fresh

Bean freshness guarantee as lead time from the roaster to coffee machine is kept to a minimum.

Goh Hang Pheow

Remarkable Value

Great coffee at a reasonable price.

Seow Lit Choon

Efficient Delivery And Fits Most Peferences!

Fresh locally roasted to fit most preferences. Well priced to be reasonable. Good quality. Convenient online order and efficient delivery so I don’t have to run out of my favourite brews. Yes. I usually have more than one roast to cater to my wimps and fancies. Keep it up Splendour Coffee.

David and Eveline Chan

Great Local Brand!!!

I’ve been ordering coffee here for the bast 9 months. It’s a great local brand, they have fantastic coffee and will have it delivered in next to no time. You won’t be disappointed. Thank you Francis and team - please keep the coffee coming.

Cory Mathews

Coffee Bean Subscription For Singapore Customers


Save The Earth 🌳, And Your Tastebuds 👅 . Say No To Capsules.


Your Day Gets Better With Fresh Flavours of Coffee

How fresh is Our Coffee Roasts?

Wallet-Friendly High Quality Fresh Roasts

Passionate About Coffee. For Every Singaporean. Right Down To Every Bean.

Francis Koh fell in love with coffee when he and a buddy decided to explore the wonders and mysteries of coffee roasting and the rest, as they say, is history.

Certified by the Speciality Coffee Associate of Europe (SCAE) since 2005, he has been perfecting his roasting craft and providing freshly roasted coffee beans for cafes within the CBD as well as large companies that need to get their supply of delicious coffee.

These beans are best used in manual and super-automatic coffee machines for espresso, or hand-ground for use in cold brew, french press and turkish coffee.

In short, Francis knows coffee beans so intimately it would make a single origin blush. 

About Us

The quality is in the cup

Francis is serious about delivering real coffee roasting expertise in every bag

Adrian Heng

Your office coffee could use an upgrade

I was actually surprised that fresh coffee beans not only taste so much more flavourful, but also comes at a lower price than capsule coffees.

Jason Chua

Hipster cafe coffee at the office and at home

Splendour Coffee's fresh Premium Blend is chocolatey and full bodied, just the way I like it.

Samantha Lee

Fresher Coffee Always Tastes Better

Capsules? Vacuum packs? Seriously?

Once coffee beans are roasted, they start to mature after 3-4 weeks and they really begin to lose their delicate flavours from 8 weeks, even if you keep it in a space-age, zero-gravity, vacuum container. All you get is the deep body flavours (which still tastes good, but not all that great.)

All coffee aficionados and experts alike will agree that freshly roasted coffee always beats any branded coffee that is pre-ground and kept in a bag or capsule for months before brewing.

Always go whole bean, grind on demand if you really want those delightful flavours!