Nicaraguan Roasted Beans (500g)

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Delight yourself with the exotically charming flavours from Nicaragua. Famed for complex fruit and flower overtones and a balanced body of coffee. 

The Nicaraguan is our all-new line of coffee beans roasting to perfection for coffee-lovers who want more complexity like bright citrus and without excessive punchiness. From the Matagalga - Jinotega region. It makes for a splendid all-day coffee, to inspire your next big idea for work or play.

Nicaragua is the world's 12 largest coffee exporter and most of their crop is organic due to their typically all-natural farming methods. Their beans are grown 1100 to 1600 metres (3,609 to 5,250 ft) above sea level and on farms on the mountainsides.


Flavour Notes:

Medium bodied with bright citrus and floral overtones. Works great as an all day cup of coffee for aeropress, french press, drip or espresso. Adjust your grind for best results.