Ethiopia Sidamo Roasted Beans 500g

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Note: This replaces our previously labelled "Roaster" Blend.

Ethiopia Sidamo has a uniquely wine, spice-filled and bouquet fragrance. Unparalleled in charm and distinctiveness.

Floral, Citrus, Fruity, Spices, Chocolates and Nutty

"👍🏻 Distinctively floral and with spice overtones" 

  • Elevation: 1600-1900 metres
  • Varietal: Ethiopia Heirloom
  • Great for Espresso, Milk-based Coffee, Drip, V60, Cold Brew 
  • Origin: Sidamo Ethiopia
  • Roast: Medium Dark

Did you know you are just one step away from amazingly delicious ☕️☕️ coffee?

The secret is out: 👍🏼World-Class Baristas👍🏼 only use the freshest roasted beans to extract out-of-this-world flavours with proper grinder settings. Fresh beans contain delicate flavours that make coffee taste heavenly. Capsules coffees and supermarket-stocked bags don't even come close to the flavours you get with our collection. 

We believe coffee-lovers invest in real value. While most coffee roasters only provide you 200g bags we send them out in 500g ones.

Upgrade Your Coffee Experience Now: One of the most sought-after beans in our collection: Ethiopia Sidamo

This is the premium choice created from a pure Ethiopian Sidamo beans. Renown for their uniquely winey-undertones and exotically-complex flavours. Roasted medium-dark for for the perfect balance of wine and body.

For the lover of single-origin coffees who delights in exotic overtones without acidity.

Flavour Notes:

Medium bodied with richness of wine and fruitiness balanced with an undertone of nuts. 

Every bag is sent out in a mylar foil bag with a one-way valve to lock in those amazing aromas 👃🏼. 

Stocks are limited.
Discount period ends soon, get them before they are gone!

We deliver them whole-bean to maintain maximum roast-freshness. 
(because pre-ground coffee gets stale in just about an hour, maybe much less.)

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