Nepal, Gulmi Region Roasted Beans (500g) - Season Limited

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Looking To Celebrate Christmas 🎄 And the New Year 🎉With Extremely Limited Seasonal Nepal (Gulmi) Region Roasts?

It's Christmas and the coming new year brings a fresh wave of hope and new dreams! Start preparing your coffee-loving tastebuds for the new year by taking your coffee espresso on an intriguing flavour journey.  


This Nepal bean features balanced acidity, fruity peach overtones, full bodied, and sweet lingering aftertaste. We will be roasting them to full city level for balanced body.

Best Enjoyed: Espresso, Latte or milk combinations, Drip, V60, Cold Brew (adjust your grind and extraction times to taste) 

We've worked extremely hard to get a very limited batch of Nepal, Gulmi beans into our roasting facility after their journey from the farmsand can't wait to get this out to you before Christmas! 

But Hurry. We have VERY LIMITED supplies on this, once they are gone, we will take down the product and it will be unavailable until the next farming cycle.

  • Coffee Arabica (Bourbon)
  • Elevation: 1600-1780 Mtrs
  • Dry Processed
  • Origin: Gulmi
  • Roast: Full City