Looking For The Best Roasted Coffee Beans in Singapore?

How to get the best roasted coffee beans in Singapore

How to Pick Tasty Coffee Beans

The best tasting coffee beans  are usually the freshly roasted ones, rested about 2 to 3 days, give or take a day or two. As a quick tip, you would want to get the Arabica bean blends over the Robusta ones. Arabica beans typically contain more than 60% more flavourful lipids and are typically twice in natural sweetness as compared to their Robusta counterparts.

The reason for the higher cost of Arabica is because it is slower-growing than Robusta and have a lower-yield which lends to the premium pricing of this tasty variety.

Keeping it Fresh For You, Always

At Splendour Coffee, we roast our beans and pack them within the day for dispatch to our beloved customers the following day. Simply adhering to this religious schedule of roasting, packing and delivery, we ensure that our beans arrive to your office, business or home fresh.

So if you're still sitting on the fence about coffee for your Aeropress, Turkish Pot, French Press, Espresso, Drip, Cold Brew etc, look no further! You can skip to our bean collection or read on about why we roast some of the most flavourful beans on the island.

We Know You Are Here Because You Know You've Tasted Great Coffee At Cafes

I'm sure you haven't stumbled on this page by accident. You arrived here only because you are interested in getting the most out of your coffee. The typical whole-bean roasts you find on the store shelves at your supermarket will never give you authentic freshly roasted flavours you will get with any of our Splendour Coffee Blends you can find on our store. 

If you just bought a fancy new grinder and a single-group espresso machine and can't wait to pull some fantastic shots, you will should know by now that just grinding freshly roasted coffee beans alone, releases the captivating aromas of those wonderful arabica roasts. Stale beans that you typically pick up at the grocery store won't have these beautiful aromas. In fact, they even add flavouring to their blends to make it more palatable and disguise their age with flavourings like "caramel" or "vanilla". I've had a well-meaning friend who bought me such a pack. I gave it a fair shot but was thoroughly disappointed.

But the truth is, most off-the-shelf packages will show a "use-by" date that is 2 years from the day you pick it up. Roasted beans, despite whatever mass-coffee roasters claim, will only retain their delicate flavours for up to 28 days. This includes the much-hyped capsule coffees that promise you all sort of exotic flavours at the press of a button.

Here's a little secret. Once coffee is ground from bean to powder, it only retains flavour for up to 3 minutes. So packing it into some fancy capsule doesn't actually mean the flavours are going to end up in your cup. You may taste coffee, but it's never going to beat freshly roasted coffee, where the flavours are dissolved in your drink, waiting in anticipation to tantalize your tastebuds.

You cannot magically defy the laws of organic chemistry. Roasted beans only have a limited shelf life just like certain foods only taste great within a few minutes after preparation. You cannot freeze it and thaw it, then reheat it and claim it tastes exactly the same. No it doesn't and I think it might be a little dishonest to claim that.

Buying Local Ensures Freshness

If you made it so far in this read, you will understand why buying from local roasters is the best way to ensure you won't be disappointed with your next latte or black coffee. 

Most overseas roasters will always face the challenge of getting roasted beans fresh to their customers if they are outside their immediate delivery zones. My brother is someone who loves Black Cat Coffee from Intelligentsia (which I adore as well) but I'm pretty sure that in the 2-3 week delivery transit to Singapore on top of the time it takes to prepare to ship, 1-2 weeks, most of the delicate flavours might have been lost with bean degradation by the time they get to your home.

I've tasted a pack or two of Black Cat, but somehow, the fresher roasts we do at Splendour Coffee still tastes better because of the undeniable freshness. Not to any discredit to them, because they are the finest coffee roasters I can think of in the world. 

With our clockwork schedule of roasting, packing, and door-to-door delivery, we ensure that the beans we roast get to our customers for our popular roasts within 3 working days. You won't believe the difference freshness makes! You know that hipster cafe that you went to for brunch and tasted that delicious cup of latte? Yep, those guys use fresh roasts, and why shouldn't you?

Note: To make fresh beans affordable for our customers, we roast our beans in 10 to 15 kg batches, which means that roast freshness will vary between 1-28 days for roasts such as Sumatra Mandeling, Nicaraguas and Roaster. For all other blends, they come in at 1-18 days post roast. 

Ultimately, it's best to let your tongue decide as well, some people may find too fresh a roast a little on the "sharp" side of the taste spectrum. Some coffee fans we know love having their coffee with flavours "rounded out" with a little more ageing post-roast.

Whatever blend it is, we discard unsold beans beyond 2.5 months, this ensures our customers don't ever get stale beans. 



Why Choose Splendour Coffee Blends?

Freshness and cost. We are able to use our computerised roasting profiles to delivery consistently beautiful roasts for our various blends and we can do it at scale where it means that we pass on the savings to our customers like you. This means you actually might end up paying less than you currently are for other coffee beans, and better flavours to boot!

Take for example, most good local cafes will display a pack of 200g roasted beans for about $14 to $22. Guess what, we do 500g packs at $20 to $26 (running time-limited discounted rates right now so please feel free to check it out here and buy the freshest roasted coffee beans online here.)

If you are an average drinker of coffee, you would typically go through 200g in about a week. Our 500g packs delivery greater value because it means you don't have to worry about getting more packs every week, and they stay fresh for up to 3 weeks (sometimes I notice they still great up to 4 weeks)

Plus the most important thing is that they are really affordable. 

What About The Flavour? 

At the moment we have 4 different blends that serve different taste buds. 

Classic Blend  - Leaning towards the more traditional tasting coffees great as a all-day working day cup

Premium - A blend of Arabica beans for a layered taste profile, like unveiling flavours upon flavours

Supreme - A medium bodied flavour blend with South American and Ethiopian Arabica beans. Great for people who enjoy the classic bodied flavours and fruits on the top.

Roaster - A single-origin Ethiopian Sidamo roast, a uniquely-flavoured medium bodied coffee bursting with exotic notes of berry and wine.

We roast them with amazing precision for consistency and also add a delicate artisan's touch to ensure that they deliver the most desirable flavours to our most discerning audiences, with body and soul.

Update 10 Aug 2018: We will soon be releasing another medium roast especially for coffee enthusiasts that want to taste even more exotic flavours otherwise hidden by darker roasting. Do watch out for it!

Save Your Money for Fresh and Tasty Roasts

As the world marches on to new experiences, coffee-drinkers alike, are desiring more out of their coffee experience. This goes along the same trend as local food, wine or any other dining encounters. It no longer seems easy to accept a cup of joe, but rather to start your morning with pure delicious coffee that just permeates through every cell in your body and delivers an out-of-this-world experience. 

If you're someone in the office, we also have office leasing packages that come with 48 packs of 500g coffee. Check out our office packages here.

Hey, I hope you've been convinced to help you with your coffee fix. If you're a cafe or restauranteur and would like to do bulk purchases for your fresh local coffee bean supply in Singapore, we have some amazing large-order discounts waiting for you too! Hit us up at our contact page

We hope you give us a shot, and let us know what you think about our coffees! If you have any questions, please feel free to drop us a note or message us using our chat!